Teaspoon's 2008 Financial Goals

This is Teaspoon's resolution for 2008 ;-) ... I encourage you to create your own. Stop by Cash Money Life and check out how you can submit your resolution. You could win an iPod (you don't need a blog you can just email Cash Money with your resolution by Dec 5th) ... so give it a try!

For myself, this is a great way to set some 2008 goals:

  1. Post at least one post a week!
    I've been lacking here, as of late, while I do some studying for a professional certification. I really miss posting and love to ponder think about financial matters. So, I should at least give myself the opportunity at that fun once a week :-).
  2. Start to generate real estate investment income
    One way or another I'd like to get some Real Estate investment income in 2008 started. I plan to either rent out current property and get a new place or as soon as I sell current property and move into a new place, get an investment property online in 2008.
  3. Have 0 revolving debt in 2008
    It's been a long time coming for Teaspoon, but I should finally hit 0 revolving debt in 2008. That means lots more cashflow and freedom ... hurray! Be sane with that cashflow and start investing it. Plan will now be building a non-retirement portfolio and that should be fun.
  4. Maximize ESPP Free Money!
    Teaspoon's been focusing on maxing out 401k contributions and paying off debt. So, with the debt gone, it's going to be so nice to start to get all that ESPP Free Money! Remember this post? >>> Your Personal Stock Market Army - The Stop Loss! It had a great concept on maximizing your free money that's available to you from ESPPs:

I love free money with ESPP's. If you have an ESPP available at your employer, this is like free money and the stop loss can maximize your profits and limit your loss of profit. What I do, is every time my employer buys my ESPP stocks, I immediately (the day it becomes avail in my broker account), go in and set up a trailing stop loss of 3%. I encourage you to adjust your %percentage based on your stocks volatility. 3% for my employers stock works perfectly. If the stock keeps rising, then I keep locking in more and more profit. As soon as it turns around, it's sold for me automatically.

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