Funny Story - Plutonium or Spare Change?

Recently I bumped my fun-money savings ratio, just out of sheer annoyance and maybe some back-strain. I have this BIG JAR (actually a 5 gallon jar) that I have saved coins in for a couple years. I hate spending coins, so I pop them in there and see how much it will add up to. When I finally filled it almost to the brim, I was going to vegas :-).

Well, recently it was nearly full and I decided I needed to cash it in. With that puppy nearly filled I almost broke my back with 2 trips to the bank hauling change in my backpack to cash it in. I mean, the backpack was busting at the seams. I swear I must have looked like someone carrying plutonium or something!

It was a hefty $1000+, that easily paid for some fun in Vegas! For those of you curious how much change you've amassed, Coinstar has a handy little trivia estimator on their site (example: 1 gallon of change is estimated to be worth $228.34) Cool :-).

So, after that I decided not to focus on the change and instead focus on $1 bills. So much easier to carry $50 to the ATM adn deposit. Since then my savings rate for fun-money has tripled. Which tells me I'm having too much fun, or I need to tighten up the screws on my automatic withdrawal savings to my 401k, ESPP, or Mutual Funds :-(.

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