My Favorites - from The Carnival of Personal Finance #132

This week The Digerati Life hosts: Money, Finance and Fancy: The Carnival of Personal Finance #132, Whimsical Christmas Edition you'll find the following post from Teaspoon:

HELOC + ESPP (or 0% Credit Cards) = FREE MONEY (15% to 60%+ returns)!

This was a really big holiday carnival and there's so many good posts to read. Here's some of my favorites:

Spend Less Than You Earn - The Wrong Way To Think @ Brip Blap: Instead of thinking about “spending less than you earn” to make it, why not think about “earning more than you spend?” An interesting perspective that may have you opening up your limits on what you can earn and think of the many endless possibilities!

2007 PF Blogger Net Worth Comparison @ Million Dollar Journey: With personal finance bloggers writing about finance so much, do you ever wonder how much they’re really worth? Here’s your chance to find out what kind of net worth some of us have! OK, this is just car-crash interesting to look at published net worths of some of your favorite PF Bloggers :-)!

Our Credit Limits: Over $1,000,000! @ My Dollar Plan: Madison covers her credit with great detail, slicing and dicing and taking note of her household’s credit accounts and limits. I'm going to keep an eye out for Madison's upcoming posts. This is one person that know's how to manage credit! I'm looking forward to many of the future posts, based on her many comments on this post, to describe the methods she uses to manage the multitude of credit accounts.

I Will Teach You How To Become A Millionaire @ Worldwide Success: Here’s a list of ways to become a millionaire, prioritized according to likelihood of occurrence (from least to most likely). The 10-10-30 formula is one everyone should be employing, then look at all the other 'gravy' ideas Worldwide Success shows for building your million. Don't forget that 'mortgage' for your home can take you pretty close to becoming a millionaire too!!!

Ding Dong - Did Someone Order Groceries? @ The MotherLoad: Grocery deliveries have become very popular as people have become more & more busy. This post offers some tips for shopping at grocery delivery websites as well as a helpful listing of these sites. I'm a real proponent of online groceries. I've often use it to stock up on all those heavy items for parties and such (bottled water, soft drinks, etc.) and have them delivered to the door for an incredibly reasonable fee (often only $10).

15 Money Pitfalls To Avoid @ Millionaire Money Habits: Here’s where you can read about 15 common money pitfalls to avoid becoming another case study. This is a really great collection of common money pitfalls. I encourage everyone to check it out and see if there's any new positive money habits you can build in 2009.

How to Become a Famous Blogger (or) I’m a Closet Millionaire No More @ Millionaire Mommy Next Door: One of us has been discovered by Montel Williams! Woohoo! If you want to see what Millionaire Mommy and her family look like, read her post. And make sure you tune in to Montel Williams this Friday, December 28 to catch this PF blogger on television!

Comparison: Major Presidential Candidates on Monetary Policy and the USD @ Currency Trading: In this presidential race, monetary policy is a hot issue. Many Americans are fed up with government excess, a failing health care system, and faltering personal wealth. This post covers how some of the major presidential candidates stack up on these issues and more.


Brip Blap said...

Thanks for including my post in your roundup!

Amy said...

Thank you so much for including me in your favorites! The online groceries option is so great- I just never realized how wonderful it really was until it was offered in our area!

Thank you again- happy holidays!

Millionaire Money Habits said...

Thanks for the roundup and for including Millionaire Money Habits!

My Dollar Plan said...

Thanks for including my article! I really didn't even realize we had that much until I added it up for the article;)