My Favorites - from the last Carnival of Personal Finance for 2007

This week wereindebt hosts: Carnival of Personal Finance #133 - Last of 2007 Edition you'll find the following post from Teaspoon: - My Favorite Site for Everything on Mortgages

There's a good number of posts to read. Here's some of my favorites:

Free Money Finance takes another look at paying off your credit cards versus investing.  I like this post and agree with Money that you should try and fund both 401k and paying off credit card.  Especially if you get a 50% or more match from employer on 401k, since that would be likely greater than any credit card debt.

My Dollar Plan has 181 personal finance accounts. Talk about complex. They do have a strategy for managing all of those accounts though.  Now this was the followup post that I was looking forward to.  Remarkable to see how Madison manages money finances and credit card arbitrage.  Keep up on her site, as she continues in a series of posts to go into additional detail of her unique personal finance account management strategies.

The Financial Blogger looks at adding your property into your net worth calculations.  I agree with Financial Bloggers message: that your equity should be included in your net worth calculation.  Especially since it's readily avail via HELOC, Cashout Refi, Homesale as tax-free capital gains.

Millionaire Mommy Next Door has 10 tips to help you retire on less.  Lot's of good ideas to think about in this post.  The one idea that hit a chord with me the most was 'Retire Abroad'.  I've always been interested in this and had never taken the time to research.  Millionaire Mommy adds some great links for more info on researching this option.

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