Carnivals of Fun For Personal Finance Posts #2

This week a there have been some great personal finance carnivals out there. I encourage you all to stop by and take a look at all the great posts. I guarantee you'll have hours of enjoyable reading and find some new favorite posts. Teaspoon Finance is proud to have a post participating in the following Carnivals. The Teaspoon Finance post participating this week at these carnivals was: Do You Have an Emergency Fund? - If Cash is King, Then Don't Neglect His Good Looking Brother, the Prince of Credit!

Carnival of Personal Finance
This weeks Carnival of Personal Finance #114 is hosted at The Simple Dollar. Trent at The Simple Dollar spent a ton of time reviewing the 60+ posts submitted and choosing his editors choice posts. I confess that I haven't had a chance to read all the posts, yet. I plan to by this weekend. I did go through and read all the titles that caught my eye and from those, read many many of the posts. From those, I found 2 that are my favorites from the Carnival of Personal Finance #114. I covered these in: Carnivals of Fun For Personal Finance Posts.

101st Carnival of Debt Reduction
This weeks 101st Carnival of Debt Reduction is hosted at I've Paid For This Twice Already... Paidtwice reviewed 25 posts submitted and I'm very excited that Paidtwice picked Teaspoon Finance's post as their favorite!

My favorite article this week was from Teaspoon, with Do You Have an Emergency Fund? - If Cash is King, Then Don’t Neglect His Good Looking Brother, the Prince of Credit! posted at Teaspoon Finance . Honestly, I loved this article, despite the fact that I don’t agree with the whole basic concept presented in it. It is a well-written, very well-thought out discussion and drew me in despite the fact that it is contrary to my opinion. Enjoy!

I've reviewed many of the posts at Paidtwice and I'm sure you're going to find some great info and new insights into personal finance in one or more of the 25 posts. I had fun going through the posts at Paidtwice. I actually read every one of these carnival posts! Here's my selection of 3 favorites that I enjoyed most:

  • glblguy with Key Steps You Can Take Now To Get Out of Debt posted at Gather Little By Little
    OK, I love posts that have tidbits of wonderful wisdom that I may or may not have heard before and intended to implement, but haven't. They're like little reminders to say "Um, you know I'm right, now when are you gonna put me to work?". This post has a great little tactic that I've read about before and loved, fully intended on implementing, but never have. I'm losing money every day by not even trying! Please don't let this happen to you. Get over there and read this post. Oh, what's the wonderful little tidbit? It's listed as #3. Reduce your interest rate. Now go learn and become enlightened by this and more :-p...
  • David at My Two Dollars brings the next installment of his excellent “Get out of Credit Card Debt” Series, The Start Digging Out Of Credit Card Debt Challenge - Week Five.
    David also gets my attention as a favorite for a couple of reasons. First, same as above, he touches on that little tip of reducing your interest rates in this week five of the series. The other thing I like is that this is part 5 in a series of great info and several steps to help reduce credit card debt. I'll be keeping an eye out for future installments. I love info in bite sized chunks and David puts that together in this series. From this week five post, you'll find his links to previous weeks. I definitely encourage you to start reading from week one, read them all and look to see what items you want to start taking a bite and chewing on for yourself or a loved one! Definitely read week two for a scripted example of asking for rate reductions. Any system is great, as long as you pick a system or process and go with it. I love David's methods, even though in this latest mortgage meltdown I like approaching from a different angle (i.e. reducing debt in a little more costly method to save big on refi's, as it has maximum short term impact on FICO scores, for those that need to do a refi soon). No matter what, go out and lower your rates, I hope to this month!
  • FMF presents Your Bad Credit Could Cost You $1 Million posted at Free Money Finance
    Love this post! Check it out and learn the importance of keeping your credit healthy. I've never quite seen it in this perspective. I really love this whole concept of monetizing opportunity costs of bad credit.

Wow, that was some fun reading! I think there's one or two more carnival's to go and I'm out of energy for now. I'll have to get with them much later today. I encourage you to stop by the carnival sites and read through and find some new favorite posts of your own.

I'll be following up with additional Carnivals that Teaspoon Finance was a part of with my post: Do You Have an Emergency Fund? - If Cash is King, Then Don't Neglect His Good Looking Brother, the Prince of Credit!

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